Process Automation

Sete Electrical  Engineering and Automation, have extensive experience in process automation, programming of programmable logic controllers (PLC) for process of small size, midsize and large size.

The software service is developed in a unique way for each customer, varying according to the need and process.

The company can to propose/define new projects, hardware architecture, control and supervision software, as well as to work from existing architectures and software.

Nowadays the company is directly geared towards the automotive sector, where it has been developing processes such as Paint Shop, EMS, AGVs and so on.

However the company also develop solutions for food industry, metalworking and primary sector.

Power Quality Analysis

The constant productivity requires permanence in the operation of the equipment and process, in this way, it is necessary that the electrical installations are in order to provide security and continuity, without periods of stoppages not foreseen by impacting consequences of the electrical system.

Sete counts on specialized equipment and equipment of high technology to provide differentiated quality in its services.

Services provided:

* Measurement of energy quality;

* RISE (impact report on the electrical system);

* Measurements of harmonic distortions of voltage and current;

* Reactive power measurements and power factor correction;

* Measurements of sag, swell and transients;

* Measurement in transformers, factor of use, factor "K".

Consulting in Process Automation and Electrical Engineering

It is not always possible to have a team in your company that knows all the dimensions of the industry in general, especially the investments suitable for industry integration 4.0.

Sete provides consulting services to the electrical technology industry, quickly and effectively assessing their need.

Services provided:

* Automation projects: hardware architecture, communication networks, frequency inverters, servo drives, electric motors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), HMIs, supervisory systems, among others;

* Industry 4.0: adequate definitions of equipment and services for industry optimization 4.0, current situation assessment, improvement planning, definitions of various cost / benefit scenarios, simulations and projections for improvements;

* Energy efficiency: improvement projects, optimization of consumption, control of contracted demand, control of loads and consumption, control of power factor, evaluation of energy losses, elimination of fines, integration of more efficient equipment, unification of measurement systems , cost sharing for manufacturing industry, supervisory systems, automatic reporting, power management.


Sete brings you a solution to avoid costly time and money by virtue of maintenance.

Thermographic Analysis detects heat patterns or temperature changes in objects. These changes allow the user to discover problems before the equipment fails, or to track the development of problems, so maintenance can be scheduled during a planned shutdown or when the budget is available.

Thermography is often declared as the first defense in preventive maintenance.

Advantage of thermographic analysis:

* Cost-benefit ratio: The comparison between the cost of a thermographic inspection and the economy it provides is immeasurable, considering that a periodic thermal inspection program eliminates the occurrence of unforeseen failures and the need to unplanned outages, not counting the minimization of the occurrence of accidents of material and even human damages, and the economy achieved through the elimination of failures that lead to losses of temperature or energy.

* Without interference in the production process: For the presentation of a better result the inspections are carried out with the processes in full activity or load, thus not interrupting any procedure or interference in the production during the inspection.

* Safety: Measurements are safe, carried out at a distance, without the need for physical contact of the inspector with the installation.

* Speed: Thermographic inspection is performed with portable equipment making it a fast and high-performance process. The result is instantaneous, allowing immediate intervention if necessary.